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Cadmium Free Anode Range By Martyr


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To date there is a small amount of Cadmium used in the production of most zinc anodes. On the whole, most regulators claim it poses “no threat” to the environment. However the Martyr range of anodes has been produced to recognise that the “perception” of a Cadmium containing alloy is of concern for many customers.

CMP, the manufacturers of the Martyr II Aluminum and Martyr III Magnesium anodes, can categorically confirm that the anodes contain no Cadmium at all.


Benefits of Martyr Cadmium Free Anodes:

  • In addition to being environmentally friendly, the Martyr II Aluminum and Martyr III Magnesium Cadmium Free anodes are much lighter than the traditional zinc anode that they replace. Resulting in significant savings of fuel to transport and energy to install.
  • The improved efficiency and performance of Cadmium Free Martyr II Aluminum Anodes results in longer life and improved corrosion protection thereby reducing the quantity of anodes required and increasing the time between replacements.
  • The alloy components of our Martyr II Aluminum anode contain no cadmium and only a fraction of the zinc used in making traditional zinc anode. The two remaining components, Aluminum and Indium are non-toxic.

CMP produce Cadmium Free anodes that perform in all three (boating) water types. Which is good news for the range we offer our more stringent customers.

New All Anodes Magnesium Range


Anode Outlet is pleased to welcome on board a new Magnesium Anode range from All Anodes. All Anodes only manufacture anodes in England to: DNV-RP-B4001:2011, ANNEX B, U.S. MILL-A-18001K. With competitive pricing and exceptional anode purity and quality they really are a great choice for your fresh water leisure craft or narrow boat.

View the whole range of weld on and bolt on magnesium anodes.

Discounted MD20LP


Anode Outlet are pleased to announce a discount on our fresh water Magnesium anode MD20LP.  So get your narrow boat or fresh water leisure craft ready for the next season and grab a great deal on our quality magnesium anodes.


MD20LP = £63.00 You save 26%

Introducing the Sonihull range of Ultrasonic Antifouling solutions


Photo of the sonihull ultrasonic antifouling system

We at Anode Outlet are delighted to announce that we are the first UK stockist of the Sonihull range of Ultrasonic Antifouling solutions.

There are nearly 15,000 Sonihulls working in the global market place. Sonihull is being used by numerous coastguards and military operations throughout the world and cooperate with companies such as Rolls Royce for protection of their water jets around the world.

Sonihull has numerous applications, which will very quickly assist in reducing the operational running costs for vessel owners.

Sonihull is not just for hulls, but can also be used in the following applications:

– Keeps hulls clean

– Stabilisers kept clean

– Bow thruster tunnels cleared of fouling

– The only antifouling to work on Jet Drives

– Sonishaft with a Sonihull will look after the shaft & props

– Superb for IPS drives

– Sea chests and pipe-work can be protected. (Hundreds of Superyachts have moved away from Cathelco to Sonihull)

– Ballast tanks cleaned

– Diesel bug from Bio diesel suppressed

AnodeOutlet.co.uk offers the complete range of Sonihull Ultrasonic Antifouling solutions available to buy now:

– Sonihull Duo £1,200

– Sonihull Mono £895

– Sonishaft adaptor £250

– Sonishaft Replacement bush sets £120

– Pipe Adaptors £72

New anode kits for the new boating season


Here at Anode Outlet we’re always thinking of ways to save you both time and money. We now have in stock several new anode kits that will help you do just that.

So when you’re selecting your hull anode for the next boating season, look no further than our range of new hull anode kits. The kits come with a backing pad, zinc plated fixing nut and zinc plated overlapping serrated washer.

If you’re installing your anode from scratch then you can still buy the anode separately as well as the zinc plated studs for each type of hull. We also supply high quality bonding cable to ensure an excellent electrical bond between the anode and the engine. You’ll also find fitting instructions for our anodes as well as downloads on everything you need to know about sacrificial anodes. There is also advice on steps you can take to get the best out of your anodes and improve the overall protection of your boat.

If you already have the studs installed and you’re refreshing the anode for the new boating season, save yourself time and money by selecting the kit version of our most popular hull anodes. These hull anode kits come with everything you need to install the new anode with a fresh backing pad, nuts and washers. The zinc plated serrated washers ensure a good bonding connection to the anode for the whole season. Ideally they should be replaced along with the anode every year to maintain …

Anode Outlet launches new sacrificial anodes kits for 2012


As promised in our blog about new specialist anodes from Anode Outlet, we have news of our new anode kits.
We have three new anode kits designed to help prevent your boat being damaged by corrosion and your wallet by expensive repairs.

We have the new Alpha 1 Generation 1 Mercruiser anode kit and two new Volvo anode kits: DPH drives and SX-A/DPS drives.

We also have a range of new saildrive anodes: the Yanmar split ring anode for drives with an adaptor ring; the Yanmar anode for drives without an adaptor ring; and the Volvo 3-piece propeller anode.

If you’re not sure which anodes your boat requires, you can use our handy search tool to find out. It’s very easy to use and offers instructions for searching for both engine anodes and hull anodes. Different waters require different anodes, and specific anodes are recommended for certain types of boat, so it’s important you get the right information.

Anode Outlet anodes now available across Europe


Map of EuropeAfter marking our first birthday with some modest celebrations (no one had to walk the plank or was thrown overboard – far too cold for that!), we’re down to the serious business of achieving another good year at Anode Outlet and we’re starting by casting our net into Europe.

Having successfully crossed the channel into France in 2011, we have decided to broaden our horizons: Anode Outlet now delivers all of our sacrificial anodes – hull anodes, engine anodes, anode kits, etc. – across Europe.

Online anode orders can be shipped to customers in all 27 countries in the EU, in addition to Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Norway and Serbia.

We offer standard and express anode delivery to all of these countries, both EU and non-EU – check out the expanded delivery page for more details on delivery times and costs. Standard delivery costs for sacrificial anodes start from £18.50 per 20kg.

Don’t forget, our range of hull and engine anodes can be also be shipped across the UK – anywhere from the Isles of Scilly to the Shetland Isles. All the details are on the same Anode Outlet delivery page on our website, where you can also get help with finding the right anode for your boat and information on fitting your anodes and cathodic protection.

To order your sacrificial anodes from Anode Outlet click here. For more details, visit our FAQs page or contact us here.

Anode Outlet celebrates its first birthday!


We ended 2011 with a competition on Twitter to win a boat (congratulations @SailBoatSailing) and we’re starting off 2012 with more celebrations as Anode Outlet marks its first birthday. It has been 12 whole months since we set sail and already it has been quite some voyage!

While we’re going to resist crashing a bottle of something fizzy against the office wall, we are going to raise a toast or two to a year of Anode Outlet and online sacrificial anode sales. But before we do that, I want to share some of our anode-related achievements and targets with you.

Since the good ship Anode Outlet slipped into the water in January 2011, we have built up a UK-wide anodes customer base. Our unique anode search tool is proving very popular and we are regularly shipping engine anodes and hull anodes throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We’ve also crossed the Channel into France, Italy, Jersey and Malta.

Looking ahead, we plan to add more video content to our website. Presenting information on sacrificial anodes, cathodic protection and related topics in a way that everybody can understand has been a big hit and we’re going to develop this area. We’re also going to expand our anode fitting instructions page with How to… videos.

Customer feedback has been an important tool in terms of development and we’ll continue to improve the website in this way, with a particular focus on building our knowledge base customer resource. We’ll also continue …

Twitter Pop Pop Boat Competition


It couldn’t be easier to enter, simply retweet the following on Twitter.

We will send a Direct Message to the winner so make sure you’re following us @AnodeOutlet. All retweets made before 11.59pm on Thursday 15th December will be entered into the prize draw to win. The winner will be selected at random on Friday 16th December 2011 from everybody who retweets the above Tweet. The winner will be announced on the 16th December and the prize despatched as soon as the winner’s delivery address has been confirmed. A pop-pop boat is a very simple heat engine without moving parts, powered by a candle. The name comes from the noise the boats makes. For more info see Pop pop boats on Wikipedia, and be sure to watch the excellent video from forresttrenaman.

Terms of Competition

In order to participate, you must have a Twitter account

Sorry, but this competition is only available to residents of the UK

The winner will be randomly selected from all valid tweets

The winner will be contacted on the 16th December 2011

We Have A Winner!

Believe the Qype about Anode Outlet


Anode Outlet is up and running and the orders are coming in – fantastic! – but we want to be sure that we’re doing everything we can to make finding and buying sacrificial anodes for your leisure craft as easy as possible. After all, that’s why we started this! So, we’ve joined Qype.

What’s Qype? It’s an easy-to-use (notice a theme here!) website where our customers can leave us reviews and recommendations. Check out the Anode Outlet page here. It’s very simple to post a message – you can sign in to Qype with Google, Twitter or Facebook IDs.

It really is our mission to run the best website for buying sacrificial anodes for boats in the UK and to make the lives of boat owners easier. To do this, we think we have to make listening to our customers a priority. Hence, our membership of Qype. As the site says, write as if you were talking to a good friend (in front of your mother).

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Anode Outlet blog.

Happy sailing!

To order your sacrificial anodes from Anode Outlet click here. For more details, visit our FAQs page or contact us here.

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