Fitting instructions for shaft anodes

  • Anode Outlet offers the widest range of shaft anodes in terms of type, size and material.
  • It should be made clear that this format of cathodic protection, although simple to fit, affords a far lower degree of protection to the systems listed elsewhere on this website.
  • In order to achieve maximum protection, the surface area of an anode must relate to the size of the surface it is aiming to protect. Owing to the design of shaft anodes, this ratio is generally very difficult to achieve. However, the fitting of more than one shaft anode can sometimes overcome this problem.

MGD shaft anode

Unlike the ZSA shaft anode, this anode has a built-in core which holds the anode firmly in place for the duration of its life. It is available in zinc and aluminium.

Diagram of fitting instructions for shaft anodes 

ZSA shaft anode

This is a standard shaft anode and is available in zinc.

Diagram of fitting instructions for shaft anodes 

ZSC shaft anode

This anode is designed for installation where only a minimum amount of shaft is visible.

Diagram of fitting instructions for shaft anodes