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Q: I have a Nicholson 31' longkeel sailing yacht, which is kept in salt water. Currently, I have an anode which has a 225mm hole centre using 10mm studs. Would a ZD72BM be suitable? Can you find an anode for me?

A ZD72BM is a very large anode and would be a bit of an over kill for this type of boat. Anodes do like to be worked and you can have too many or too large an anode for the item you wish to protect. I believe a Nicholson 31’ has only has a short length of exposed shaft and small propeller. 225mm hole centres for an M10 stud is slightly unusual and we do not have an off the shelf anode that would fit. An option would be to fit two disc anodes instead, such as the ZD56. Two of these anodes would provide a seasons protection for propellers up to 500mm in diameter. If you choose this option, make sure to link the two studs internally with a short length of bonding cable, as it is likely only one of the mounting studs will have a bonding wire going from the anode to the engine/gearbox.


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