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Q: My boat is wooden and used mostly in the sea. It has a zinc anode. However it will be in fresh water for 2-3 months this summer. What would you recommend I do?

You will need to change the anode type from Zinc (salt water use) to Magnesium (fresh water use) as you will be spending a prolonged period of time in fresh water. You will either have to lift the boat once in fresh water or employ a diver to change the hull anode. The only other option is to use a hanging anode system such as the MD57LKIT. The cable is attached to the existing bonding and will provide the same protection as a hull anode. The advantage of using a hanging anode is you can lift it at any time and check the anode is wasting away (working) The hanging anode can only be used when the vessel is moored and should be stowed away when not in use.


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Tags: wooden boat, fresh water, zinc, magnesium, hanging anode, MD57LKIT

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