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Q: I have a 5.5m Shetland Yawl, clinker built, with a 6HP Lister Petter inboard diesel. I have just replaced the prop as it was corroded as no anode is fitted, other than a small one in the engine block. The boat will be kept in salt water. How should I go about providing cathodic protection?

For a wooden boat we guage the required anode needed on the prop size. For a prop of around 10" a ZD56 would provide a years service. This would need to be hull mounted using M10B stud.

However if the boat is very old and is likely to have high moisture content in the wood, we would advise not fitting a hull anode due to the chances of Electro Chemical Decay. Instead I would suggest fitting a shaft anode only, but this would have to be checked regulary as on its own it may not last a season.


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Tags: 5.5m Shetland Yawl, zd56, m10b, electro chamical decay, shaft anode

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