Volvo Penta Sterndrive, Saildrive and Engine Anodes - CM3855411M


Martyr Magnesium Anode for Volvo Penta Outdrives. Forward Cavitation Plate/ Transom Plate Anode. Fits DP-SM, DP-SMTD, DP-SMTD1, DP-SMTD3, SX-M, SX-MTD, SX-MTD3, SX-MTD, SX-MTD3, SX-M1, SX-MLT, SX-MDA, SX-MDB, SX-MHP, SX-MACLT, SX-MDC, SX-MBAC, SX-MACLT, SX-MBAC, SX-MHP, SX-C, SX-C1, SX-C2, SX-CT, SX-CT1, SX-R, SX-RT1, SX-RT2, DP-S, DP-S1, SX-C1AC, SX-C2AC, SX-R1, SX-R2, SX-CLT, SX-CLT1. Volvo Part: 3855411. For use in Fresh water.

Price - £30.86

Nominal Weight (kg): 0.25kg
Length (min / max): n/a / 145mm
Width (min /max): n/a / 100mm
Depth: 38mm
Stud Size: 1/4 UNC
# of Fixing Holes: 2
Fixing Hole Details: 113mm between fixing hole centres

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