ZINGA® is a one component cold applied zinc coating which contains a minimum of 96% pure zinc when dry, providing cost effective and reliable long lasting corrosion protection to all ferrous metals. Its dry layer contains pure zinc, as well as synthetic resins which allow the electrochemical bonding of the zinc to the metal. 

ZINGA® Corrosion Protection

ZINGA® is an active zinc performance coating which works in conjunction with the metal beneath whereas paints are only passive barriers. Regardless of how thick paints are applied, they remain as barriers. Once they are breached corrosion sets in.

ZINGA® creates an active anodic zinc layer that provides cathodic protection to exposed metal above and below the waterline.

It is ideal for protecting boats, boat trailers and other metal items that are susceptible to corrosion.

ZINGA® is non-toxic and free from xylene, toluene, Methyl-Ethyl-Keton (M.E.K.) and methylene chloride.

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