What are boat anodes made of?

What are boat anodes made of?

Boat anodes are typically made of metals that are more chemically active than the other metals on the boat, so that they will corrode before other components, such as the hull or propeller. The most common metals used for sacrificial anodes are zinc, aluminium, and magnesium.

Zinc anodes are the most widely used and are suitable for most types of boats. They are effective in both saltwater and freshwater, and can protect against galvanic corrosion caused by dissimilar metals in contact with each other. Zinc anodes are typically used on boats made of fibreglass, wood, or aluminium.

Aluminium anodes are commonly used on boats made of aluminium, as they are more effective in preventing corrosion of aluminium components. They are also effective in freshwater and can be used in saltwater with proper care.

Magnesium anodes are the most active of the three and are suitable for freshwater use only. They are often used on boats that are operated exclusively in freshwater, such as river boats or houseboats.

It is important to use the correct type of anode for the specific application and to replace them as needed to ensure continued protection against corrosion.

Where can I buy boat anodes?

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