Bar Anodes

Bar Anodes

Anode Bars

Bar anodes play a critical role in protecting boats and other marine vessels from corrosion, particularly in saltwater environments, where corrosion can occur rapidly. 

Also known as sacrificial bar anodes, the hull anodes are specially designed metallic rods or bars typically made from zinc, magnesium or aluminium alloys. These alloys are chosen for their excellent sacrificial properties and compatibility with seawater environments. Bar anodes are strategically attached to different areas of a boat's hull that are vulnerable to corrosion.

Bar anodes effectively sacrifice themselves by corroding at a controlled rate, protecting the more expensive and critical metal parts of the boat from corrosion damage. Regular inspection and replacement of bar anodes are necessary to ensure continued protection against corrosion.

Bar anodes can be bolted onto the hull or welded on. As the name suggests, bolt-on hull anodes are attached to the hull of the boat using anode bolts and fixings, without the need for any specialized tools or equipment. Weld on hull anodes are welded directly onto the surface of the boat hull, thus are more suitable for applications where a longer life span is required.

Why shop with Anode Outlet?

Since 2009 we've been supplying a leading range of hull anodes for boats, including aluminium hull anodes, magnesium hull anodes and of course, zinc hull anodes - so you can keep your vessel protected from galvanic corrosion. As well as bar anodes for hulls, we also supply pear anodes.

If you have any questions about any of the anodes listed, our dedicated support team are here to help. Call us on 01634 568 011 or email [email protected] and a member of our highly experienced team will be on hand to assist. We pride ourselves on our superb level of service, which is maintained all the way through to the point of delivery, with every order shipped with our quick and fully-tracked courier service, offering prompt delivery and the ability to see where your parcel is at every point of the journey.



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