Hull Anodes

Hull Anodes

MG Duff MD78B Magnesium Hull Anode

MD78B Magnesium Hull Anode

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Hull Anode

Hull anodes are small metal plates or blocks that are attached to the hull of your boat to protect it from corrosion. The anodes are made of a more electrically active metal, such as zinc, aluminum or magnesium - which corrode preferentially to the less active metal of the hull, thus preserving the integrity of the hull. The anodes slowly dissolve over time, and need to be replaced periodically to maintain their effectiveness, often when they are around 60% depleted.

As mentioned above, hull anodes are made from three metals – aluminium, magnesium and zinc.

Aluminium hull anodes offer protection in salt and fresh water, whilst zinc hull anodes are more suited to salt water as the impact strength of the metal is superior compared to aluminium and magnesium. Magnesium hull anodes are only suitable for use in fresh water, as the alloy reacts far more rapidly when exposed to sea water.

Bolt On vs Weld On Anodes:

Weld on anodes are suitable for vessels where a long life span is required, or where anodes are subjected to significant vibration, agitation, abrasion or other physical impact; where-as bolt-on anodes are a quick and effective way to secure anodes without the need for specialist tools. It's highly recommended you use the best-quality anode fixing bolts if bolting on hull anodes.

Hanging Anodes:

Hanging anodes are extremely useful in environments where you wish to provide additional anodes to help take the strain off the fixed anodes. Available in zinc, magnesium and aluminium, hanging anodes should only be used when the vessel is moored, as the anode may be drawn into the propeller if the engine is on whilst the anode is deployed.

Why Choose Anode Outlet?

Since 2009, we've been helping boat owners worldwide protect their vessels with our leading range of anodes for boat hulls, propellers, shafts and much, much more. We stock a huge range of anodes for boat hulls; ranging from bar anodes to zinc strip hull anodes, magnesium weld on hull anodes and even aluminium bolt on hull anodes

If you have any questions about any of the anodes listed, our dedicated support team are here to help. Call us on 01634 568 011 or email [email protected] and a member of our highly experienced team will be on hand to assist. We pride ourselves on our superb level of service, which is maintained all the way through to the point of delivery, with every order shipped with our quick and fully-tracked courier service, offering prompt delivery and the ability to see where your parcel is at every point of the journey.



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