What Does A Galvanic Isolator Do?

What Does A Galvanic Isolator Do?

Galvanic isolators serve as a barrier against the corrosive effects of galvanic currents by interrupting the electrical connection between the boat and external sources of stray current, such as neighbouring vessels or shore power systems. By inserting a galvanic isolator into the boat's bonding system, it blocks the flow of direct current (DC) while permitting the passage of alternating current (AC), thereby preventing galvanic corrosion without compromising electrical safety onboard.

What are the benefits of galvanic isolators?

Protection Against Corrosion:
The primary benefit of galvanic isolators is their ability to shield the boat's metal components from galvanic corrosion. By mitigating the flow of stray electrical currents, they extend the lifespan of vital structures like hulls, propellers, shafts, and through-hull fittings, reducing maintenance costs and preserving the vessel's integrity.

Enhanced Safety:
Galvanic isolators enhance safety aboard by reducing the risk of electrical hazards. Stray currents can pose a threat to swimmers, divers, and marine life, as well as compromise onboard electronics and equipment. By isolating the boat's electrical system, galvanic isolators mitigate these risks, creating a safer environment for passengers and crew.

Regulatory Compliance:
In many regions, including marinas and waterways in the United States and Europe, the installation of galvanic isolators is mandated by maritime regulations. Compliance with these standards not only ensures the safety of your vessel but also avoids potential fines and penalties for non-compliance.

Peace of Mind:
Knowing that your boat is equipped with a galvanic isolator provides peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your maritime adventures without constant concern for corrosion-related damage. With this essential safeguard in place, sailors can navigate with confidence, focusing on the joys of the journey rather than fretting over potential hazards.


In the realm of maritime safety, galvanic isolators play a crucial role in protecting boats against the insidious threat of galvanic corrosion. By safeguarding vital components and enhancing onboard safety, these devices ensure the longevity and reliability of vessels, allowing you to navigate with confidence and peace of mind. As a cornerstone of marine maintenance, galvanic isolators represent an indispensable investment for boat owners seeking to preserve their craft and enjoy countless adventures on the open seas.


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