Anode Help Centre

Advice, guidance, instructions and many more resources to help you protect your vessel effectively

The Anode Outlet Help Centre is designed to provide you with lots of advice and information to help understand what type of anode you need, how to fit it, how cathodic protection works and a lot more!

If you think there is something missing from the resources available, please contact us and we will endeavour to help find you an answer to your question. We carefully research and curate data from reliable sources such as anode manufacturers, industry experts and trusted retail specialists and share with you in one convenient place. If you spot an error in any of our material, please let us know.

Our information sources include but are not limited to:

Tecnoseal, MGDuff, Nigel Warren’s book: Metal Corrosion in, Corrosionpedia, visiting trade shows for industry specific information and compliance updates, and of course talking to our valued customers.